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Front Loader & Skidder Mounted Land-clearing Hedge Cutter

Front Loader & Skidder Mounted Land-clearing Hedge Cutter

Got hedges that need to be trimmed?

Brush over growing your driveway?

Scrub that needs to be controlled?


Adaptable to multiple types of equipment from front-end loader to skid steers

Minimal hydraulic flow requirements allowing for use on almost any equipment

Three optional sizes of cutting bars for wide cutting swath.

Mounting bracket mounts to any size bucket for versatility

Horizontal/vertical positioning for universal versatility.

Trimming fall into loader bucket for easy cleanup

Cutting Angle -50° below level of horizontal position to +90°

Finger bar sickle hedge cutter connects to your tractors/loaders remote hydraulics to make quick easy work of those problem areas that a normal mower cannot reach.

Specifications in Metric
 Model CHJ120 CHJ150 CHJ180
Without Trimmer Head Weight 110 kgs
Trimmer Head Only Weight 42 kgs 52 kgs 62 kgs
Total Weight 152 kgs 162 kgs 172 kgs
Required Hydraulic Pressure  15.5-14 Mpa  15.5-14 Mpa  15.5-14 Mpa
Required Hydraulic Flow 30-42 L/min 30-42 L/min 30-42 L/min
Brush Cutting Diameter 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Cutting Bar  120 cm 150 cm 180 cm

Specifications in Inch
 Model CHJ120 CHJ150 CHJ180
Without Trimmer Head Weight 242 lbs
Trimmer Head Only Weight 93 lbs 115 lbs 134 lbs
Total Weight 335 lbs 357 lbs 376 lbs
Required Hydraulic Pressure 2250 to 3500 PSI 2250 to 3500 PSI 2250 to 3500 PSI
Required Hydraulic Flow 8 GPM to 11 GPM 8 GPM to 11 GPM 8 GPM to 11 GPM
Brush Cutting Diameter  3/4  3/4  3/4
Cutting Bar  47'' 59'' 71''
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