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Heavy verge flail mower AGF PRO

AGF PRO Flail Mulcher

AGF PRO 系列割草机



  -The Verge Flail Mowers are flail mowers with hydraulic am for cleaning larger, wider
   areas, roadsides verges, orchards and various inclining and declining land surfaces;
  -Specially designed for universal use the head of the mower can be operate in line with
   the tractor or offset for verge maintenance and field boundaries.


  -The Verge Flail Mowers are suitable for roadside verge, tree trimming and general    mulching;
  -Hydraulic side adjustment;
  -Hydraulic inclining adjustment;
  -Rear roller wheel;
  -High power 50hp gearbox;
  -Self leveling;
  -High strength mulching blades;
  -Safety flaps;
  -Extra strong and designed with safety in mind;
  -Support legs for storage;
  -Solid hitch.

  -Front safty chains plus rubber protection


The heavy verge Flail Mowers are flail mowers with hydraulic arm for clearing larger, wider areas, roadsides verges, orchards and vineyards.


1. Fitted with a high power 50hp gear box;
2.Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids;
3.High strength mulching blades

4. Hammer blade

 Standard Hammer Blade

5. Optional part: Hydraulic valve 


Specifications in Metric
Model   AGF140 PRO  AGF160 PRO   AGF180 PRO  AGF200 PRO AGF220 PRO
Dimension(L×W×H)   180×220×102 cm   200×220×102 cm   220×220×102 cm   240×220×102 cm   260×220×102 cm 
Structure Weight   557kgs   590kgs   613kgs    698kgs   738kgs 
PTO Turning speed  540r/min   540r/min   540r/min    540r/min  540r/min 
 Tractor HP     45-85HP  50-85HP   55-85HP   60-85HP   65-85HP 
Cutting Width      140 cm   160 cm    180 cm   200 cm    220 cm 

Specifications in Inch
Model   AGF140 PRO  AGF160 PRO   AGF180 PRO  AGF200 PRO AGF220 PRO 
Dimension(L×W×H)   71''×87''×41''    79''×87''×41''    87''×87''×41''    95''×87''×41''   102''×87''×41''  
Structure Weight  1228 lbs  1300 lbs  1351 lbs 1534lbs 1627 lbs
PTO Turning speed  540r/min   540r/min   540r/min    540r/min  540r/min 
 Tractor HP     45-85HP  50-85HP   55-85HP   60-85HP   65-85HP 
Cutting Width    55'' 63'' 71'' 79'' 87''

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