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Fruit Bin Trailer Hauler

Fruit Bin Trailer Hauler

New to our range of orchard equipment the FBT4 trailer takes bin handling to a whole new level.

Auto loading , can take a stack of bins apart and load its self. No forklift required.

Auto unloading , can lay bins out in the orchard or field for filling or pick directly into bins on trailer.

Auto loading , can pick the bins up again when full.

Auto unloading full bins at dump site.

This 4 bin trailer can go behind or in front of your tractor for better maneuverability .

The tandem walking beam axle gives a smooth ride for your valuable produce.

Twin hydraulic rams alter the height from flat on the ground to approx 800mm high.

A hydraulic ram on the draw bar can alter the angle at any height.

A hydraulic motor and heavy forklift chain transport the bins up and down the trailer.

A complete package with all hoses and a three way control bank included.



overall dimensionmm


self weight(kg)


matched tire


loading capacity(kg)


Max ground clearance(mm)


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