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1JH-110 Potato Straw Crushing Machine

1JH-110 Potato Straw Crushing Machine

1JH-110 马铃薯杀秧机



Potato straw killing machine uses before harvesting process. It cuts and crushes not only potato straws but also seedlings at the bottom of row verge. All straws and seedlings are cleanup and returned to field at once without hurting potato fruit.


Working principal


The flail blade runs at a speed of 2150rpm and leads to negative pressure, which suchs up and crush the seedlings at the bottom of row verge





Structure Size

120X115X95 cm

Structure Weight

215 kg

Tractor Power

20-35 hp

Working Width

110 cm

Row Number


Blade Shaft Speed

2150 rpm

Working Capacity(Hectare/Hour)


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