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Heavy Rotary Tiller IGN

IGN Heavy Gear Drive Rotary Tiller



It is a perfect implement for soil preparation in area of vineyard, nursery, orchard and garden. Whether you are laying turf around a golf course or growing small crops, the rotary hoe is perfect for preparing top soil for planting, also creates a smooth finish as crop and lawn preparation and improving productivity.



  • Adjustable rear flap for safety as well as providing a smooth finish

  • Height adjustable skids for depth control

  • Extra strong design for long life&reliablity.

  • Single-speed cast-iron gearbox,

  • Side gear drive

  • Adjustable rear shield

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Optional part:spring for the back cover

Model    IGN100   IGN125   IGN150   IGN180 
Dimentions(LxWx)  120X70X80cm  145X70X80cm  170X70X80cm  200X70X80cm 
Working Width       1000mm  1250mm  1500mm  1800mm 
Weight                    260kg  285kg  350kg  425kg 
Number of flanges
Number of blades per flange                 6 (Optional 4) 
Hitch Type                Standard three point hitch 
Gearbox Lubrication SAE 90 oil 
Rotor Diameter         18" 
Rotor shaft speed     225 rpm at 450 rpm PTO 
Tractor HP 15-20HP 25-30HP 30-50P 40-75HP

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