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Light Rotary Tiller TL

 TL Light Chain Drive Rotary Tiller





  • Design for 12-25HP compact tractors

  • Tilling couldn’t be easier for the garden you have or the new ground you need to break up and plant

  • Cat-I 3-pint hitch

  • Right hand off-set to cover that tire track

  • Adjustable tilling depth

  • Heavy duty side case chain drive

  • 35HP rated gearbox

  • 1/4’’ Double walled housing

  • 14’’ blade swing

  • Product reviews

Specifications in Metric
Model  TL85  TL95  TL105  TL115  TL125  TL135
 Structure Weight  155kg  175kg  195kg  215kg  235kg  255kg
 Working Width  85cm  95cm  105cm  115cm  125cm  135cm
 Working Depth  8-15cm
 PTO Speed  540r/min
Power Needed (HP)  12-20hp  12-20hp  15-20hp  18-25hp  18-25hp  20-25hp

Specifications in Inch
Model  TL85  TL95  TL105  TL115  TL125  TL135
 Structure Weight  342 lbs  385 lbs 430 lbs 474 lbs 518 lbs 562 lbs
 Working Width 33''  37'' 41'' 45'' 49'' 53''
 Working Depth  3 1/4" - 6"
 PTO Speed  540r/min
Power Needed (HP)  12-20hp  12-20hp  15-20hp  18-25hp  18-25hp  20-25hp

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