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GKK Straw Mower

Shredder with adjustable offset, for working on grass, leaves, vine and olive remains. The GKK model is a versatile machine, suitable for mowing grass and above all shredding twigs and pruning residue, thanks to the robust structure and equipment. The machine can be moved sideways with a mechanical or hydraulic system (optional). Robust structure suitable for professional use. Maximum application versatility on any type of residue, from open fields to orchards. Rear bonnet can be opened for maintenance purposes. Standard skids screwed to the side.



  •  Universal three point hitch with mechanical offset (optional hydraulic) Cat. 1-2

  •  Gearbox PTO. 540 r. PM. With free-wheel

  •  Adjustable roller unit

  • Adjustable pair of skids

  • Electronically balanced rotor

  • Hot forging hammers (í 5 cm)

  • Front safety chains plus rubber protection

  •  Adjustable stretcher

  • Outer belt adjustment

  • EC safety guards  


 Model GKK160  GKK180  GKK200  GKK210  GKK220  GKK240
 Structure Weight 450kg 470kg 490kg 520kg 550kg  600kg
 Working Width 1600mm  1800mm  2000mm 2100mm  2200mm  2400mm
 Blade Type  Hammer  Hammer  Hammer  Hammer    Hammer Hammer
 Number of Hammer 24  28  32 32 36 40
 Tractor HP 40-50HP  40-50HP  55-70HP  55-70HP 75-90HP   75-120HP

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